Do blue lens blocking glasses really help?

Do you spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen, cell phone, or other digital device? If the answer is yes, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the strain that excessive amounts of screentime puts on your eyes. Did you know that blue lens blocking glasses can help relieve some of that strain?

What do blue lens blocking glasses do?

Digital devices emit harmful blue-violet light rays which are classified as “high energy visible light (HEV).” These lights effect your eyes at a much higher frequency than others [1]. Blue light lenses are designed specifically to help block out these harmful rays by filtering the blue light. They also block transmission of other dangerous wavelengths that are released from your digital devices [2]. This keeps your eyes refreshed during the digital grind that most people experience in this day and age.

Are there extended benefits of using blue lens blocking glasses?

One thing to understand about blue light is that it is known to be disruptive to our circadian rhythms during sleep. Most people spend considerable time on their digital devices within an hour of going to sleep. The Vision Council estimates that number to be around 80% [3]. This can cause havoc on a healthy sleep cycle. For that reason alone, decreasing your exposure to blue light is vital to your very well-being.

Are they expensive?

The vast majority of blue light blocking lenses will cost you anywhere from $15 to $50, though some higher end brands can cost around $100. The middle-of-the-road variety are usually around the $20 mark [4]. The more expensive brands often come with additional bells and whistles catered more toward fashion over function. The cost-benefit options ultimately depend on your personal preference.