Do You Need a Prescription for Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Unlike the dangers associated with ultraviolet light, blue light is a danger that exists all around us. The screens of our digital devices emit blue light and so does the sun. This means we never really escape the dangers of overexposure, regardless of being inside or outside. This makes blue light a considerable threat to us, as extended exposure can result in discomfort and even permanent damage to your eyes. With that in mind, you might have questions about blue light blocking glasses. For instance, do you need a prescription for them?

The answer is both yes and no. 

You can walk into any store that sells blue light glasses and buy them off the shelf without a prescription. However, these lenses have the same limitations that over-the-counter reading glasses have: they lack the personalized vision correction that many or even most people need for extended periods of screen usage.

Any person using a computer or mobile screen for enough time to warrant protective eyewear could likely benefit from vision correction due to the nearsightedness that commonly develops after years of close-up work.

Therefore, purchasing blue light glasses with prescription lenses could offer you the best of both worlds. Your eye doctor can tailor your prescription to the perfect level of vision correction that meets your daily needs, while the blue light protection wards off further damage from excessive screen time.

Many people who have prescription blue light glasses wonder how they managed with non-prescription lenses before. Thankfully, obtaining this prescription is fairly easy, thanks to widespread availability. Simply ask your doctor, and he or she will help you find the perfect pair.

Interestingly, some contact lens brands offer blue light contacts for people who prefer not to wear glasses during the work day. These may not be as effective against eye strain as their glasses counterparts, but they should provide at least some relief from eye strain compared to not wearing blue light lenses at all.