Farewell to our CEO, Bryan Reedy

Hey everyone,

I am writing to inform you that as of February 1st, 2024, I will no longer be in the CEO role at Gamer Advantage.  Don't panic!  I will forever be the founder and an active owner. I will remain involved with the brand in a more limited capacity, allowing me to pursue a new and exciting chapter in my career.  I will be spending the next several months helping my sister, who is a Ph.D. candidate and licensed therapist, grow her therapy practice across southeastern Michigan.

I am beyond proud of the foundation we have been able to establish over the last 5 years. At Gamer Advantage, we have always been gamers first, which means people and community first.  That has secured our spot as a trustworthy, impactful, and relatable brand.  There is still so much to come for Gamer Advantage, and more importantly, continuing to elevate the importance of physical and mental wellness in the gaming industry. Many of the original team that have contributed to the Gamer Advantage brand will still be involved, and I am confident that what we have in place and anyone new we bring on, will continue to grow Gamer Advantage far beyond what it is today.

We base our entire culture around a few things, that will remain a core part of our culture. The team is dedicated to our values, which have been instilled through much collaboration and team involvement. We are always dedicated to growth, authenticity, motivation, experience, and of course, results. These have been the backbone of the company, and we know that we can’t be the best for you if we aren’t the best for ourselves. Our own personal growth is what we put into the universe, establishing authentic relationships with our partners and fans. These really give us the motivation to make it, be passionate about what we do, and immerse ourselves in the experience of not only gaming but also beyond. Only then, can we get the results that not only we need, but that are the best for you. 

Gamer Advantage aims to provide the best gaming tools that can improve your wellness, and that will always be our core focus. We truly hope to improve the lives of 1 million gamers within the next 10 years, because they deserve that, and you deserve that. This is not just through sales, but in everything we do, whether it be our blogs, our onboarding, or even our interactions on social media. We get you, and we are you. 

All of our staff are gamers at heart and are not only employees but members of the community, here to back each other up.  

As I will still be active within our community, my Gamer Advantage email and socials will all remain up and accessible.  Don't be surprised if I refer you to another member of the team, depending on the topic. What I want to drive home more than anything is that Gamer Advantage has always been striving to improve health and that allows us to truly enjoy gaming.  Improving our health to become better gamers can ultimately lead to a better, healthier life.  I will never stop screaming that from the top of the mountains.


Bryan Reedy, Forever Founder of Gamer Advantage