Introduction to Eye Candy

Exciting Announcement

Gamer Advantage is proud to announce our newest product to advance the health and wellness of gamers, Eye Candy. Eye Candy is a multi-formula supplement that replenishes vital nutrients, supports your natural eye function and offers key ingredients to support your immune system. Not only does Eye Candy offer incredible health benefits, but it tastes great as well. Served as mix fruit flavored gummies and includes 100% natural vegan ingredients, you can be sure that processed gelatin or artificial food dyes are nowhere to be found.


Delivering on Our Promises

Taking a closer look at Eye Candy, you’ll also find that the gummies are sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO as well. Keeping gamers’ health as a top focus, it’s important to us to allow for zero barriers between dietary needs and experiencing this groundbreaking product. In addition to the 100% natural vegan ingredients, we know that if we’re going to make bold promises to gamers, our products cannot be counter-productive to their health and bodies. By allowing gamers to preserve their vision naturally through Eye Candy, we can’t wait to hear more of the amazing stories we’ve heard after many put their trust in Gamer Advantage glasses.


Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Part of what makes Eye Candy such an effective supplement is the addition of two key active ingredients, lutein and zeaxanthin. According Allison Webster, PhD, RD, “Lutein (pronounced loo-teen) is an antioxidant belonging to a group called carotenoids, which make the bright yellow, red and orange colors in fruits, vegetables and other plants. Antioxidants neutralize the activity of reactive compounds called free radicals, which can cause damage to our organs – and therefore, our health–if their presence isn’t controlled.” Webster also noted that Lutein absorbing free radicals prevents damage to the macula and other various parts of the eye. In relation to blue light, Webster explained that alongside zeaxanthin, it can absorb it, and with enough lutein, the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts can be lowered.

Regarding zeaxanthin, Troy Bedinghaus, OD stated, “Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid that plays a role in protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of oxidation and light-induced damage. Zeaxanthin is a yellow-colored pigment found in the center of the macula. It is found in high levels in dark green vegetables, orange and yellow fruits, and in the yolk of eggs.” In addition to lowering the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts that Webster cited, Bedinghaus mentioned 2 other conditions the carotenoids have a positive effect on: uveitis and diabetic retinopathy. Pertaining to uveitis, Bedinghaus defines it as “an inflammation or swelling of the eye’s uvea” and zeaxanthin helps by “slowing the inflammatory process.” Lastly, he defines diabetic retinopathy as “a complication of diabetes that results from damage to blood vessels in the retina” and that “supplementing with zeaxanthin and lutein may reduce oxidation processes that damage the eyes.” With our founder Bryan Reedy being a diabetic, any way to help people in similar circumstances is important to us.


End Result

Together, Gamer Advantage glasses and Eye Candy will help to prevent damage done by blue light with a host of issues being addressed including sleep/wake cycles, eye strain, headaches/migraines, obesity, age-related macular denegation and more. With lutein and zeaxanthin, we can see that that these two carotenoids work in tandem as natural ingredients in a package that should meet most, if not all dietary needs. As mentioned earlier, we can’t wait to hear the same kinds of testimonies that we heard with our glasses as we look to continue being a leader in health and wellness in the gaming community. With gamers at the heart of all we do, releasing Eye Candy is another step toward positively impacting lives while gaming and beyond the screens.