Kids and Screens: 5 Things To Watch Out For

kids prolonged screen time

It’s that time of year again when the kids are back to school, and everything is quiet once again. Time for the computer lab, projection screens (if they still use those) then TV at home for some well deserved cartoons. With all these screens, we have to be careful with prolonged use. We want to keep those eyes healthy and ready to play!


How do we combat this? The most obvious answer is having eye protection with blue-light-blocking technology that works. But protecting the eyes should also be paired with taking some time out of the day for non-screen activities such as reading a book and touching grass! Doing things like outdoor games with the family, setting up fun play areas for physical activities, or taking a walk around the neighborhood is essential for enticing kids off their screens. Outdoor time is particularly valuable and goes hand in hand with regulating screen time. In the beginning, getting your kids to unplug from their screens may take some effort, but once you establish a routine, it will become a good habit for them.


The bottom line is that between a regular schedule of non-screen activities and using proper eye protection when screentime is unavoidable, you can protect your kids' peeps and keep them healthy during the critical growing years.