Master Your Glasses Care Like a Pro

We love answering your questions! Since you ask specific questions repeatedly, we decided it's the perfect time to start making some of our FAQs into quick videos you can watch anytime, anywhere, on our YouTube channel. Here are our picks for this week:

How to Adjust Your Horizons

Check in with CEO Bryan as he takes you on a journey to make your Horizons as comfortable as possible. Did you know that the temple tips are entirely customizable for your head? Check it out. If you have a pair, you can learn some new tips; if you don’t, it may just convince you to get one.

Applying Cleaner and FogAway

Cleaner, Fog Away, Oh My! Two different sprays with different types of applications and outcomes, so we decided to put them in one (entertaining and cool) video. There are many ways how not to clean your glasses, but only one correct way. Never use your shirt. Wherever you went that day, the shirt went, and it can hold on to so much dust, dirt, and other particles that can scratch your glasses.

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