Our Favorite Mental Health Games



We're diving into our top picks for mental health video games, exploring how they can not only entertain but also offer a therapeutic escape. If you're looking to battle anxiety, find relaxation, or simply crave a thought-provoking experience, come along as we uncover our favorite mental health video games guaranteed to challenge, inspire, and uplift your mind. Be aware that some of these games touch on sensitive topics, so reader discretion is advised.



Gris, the main protagonist, finds herself lost in her own world, navigating the pains of her past. Through the lens of her sorrow, she discovers a dress that empowers her with new abilities, allowing her to explore her faded reality in a transformative way. As her emotional journey unfolds, Gris gains a unique perspective, uncovering previously hidden paths to traverse with her newfound skills.

This game is so beautiful, and it can be an incredibly engaging game to play. It has a watercolor aesthetic that is so captivating it can ease your mind while also letting you face it.


Child of Light

Join Aurora on her courageous journey as she embarks on a mission to heal her ailing father and restore a lost kingdom in the enchanting world of Lemuria – Along the way, she will realize that her destiny holds immense potential. Unite with your trusted allies to unravel perplexing puzzles and embark on a quest to uncover hidden wonders. 

This game displays a captivating tale to immerse yourself in, meticulously crafted with mesmerizing rhyme and rhythm, touching upon the profound importance of mental well-being. It is a wonderful game for those dealing with things in life that are out of your control.


What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch presents a series of peculiar narratives centered around a family residing in Washington state. Assuming the role of Edith, players will venture into the immense Finch residence, delving into the family's past to unravel the mystery of why she is the sole surviving member.

Although it can get quite dark at times, this story delves deep into the human condition and how we are all just trying to get through life no matter our circumstances. 



Hue, a captivating side-scrolling puzzle platform game, follows the extraordinary journey of its protagonist in search of his mother. Hue's mother is afflicted by an 'impossible color' after the Annular Spectrum fractures. As Hue navigates through this mesmerizing world, he unravels the mysteries surrounding his mother's predicament. Truly a captivating tale of determination and love.

As the story progresses, it goes from being a dull, lifeless land to being bright, colorful, and calming. This is a game that can really help with easing any mental burden as you take a relaxing trip through this world



In Journey, players assume control of a mysterious figure dressed in robes as they embark on a mesmerizing adventure through a vast and endless desert landscape. The ultimate goal? To reach the majestic mountain looming in the distance. Along this extraordinary journey, players may unexpectedly encounter other individuals, also on their own path, creating a truly remarkable shared experience.

Journey, although a game that was released in 2012, still holds up as a calming, yet very poignant journey of self discovery. There’s no reading, no hard comprehension, and you can just float around as your character.


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