The Impact of Modern Warefare 3

call of duty mw3

We're on the edge of our seats for the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10th. Here at Gamer Advantage, we are incredibly pumped for anything COD, as it's been a staple in the FPS genre for almost 20 years. We're ready to not speak to anyone for at least 8 hours while grinding out our sessions. 

Remember 2003? For some of us, it's practically carved in our memory (we're not mentioning some older staff members by name, *cough* our CMO *cough*). That was the year we were introduced to a war game like no other. The realism, the immersion, it was like a lightning bolt through the world of FPS games. None of us blinked an eye when it rocketed to critical acclaim and commercial glory. It didn't just make a splash; it sparked a gaming revolution, ultimately rising to become one of the most legendary game series ever witnessed.

The COD franchise's ability to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing industry constantly triggers our FOMO. Journeying through different eras, from the gritty warfare of World War II to the cutting-edge conflicts of the modern day, and even catapulting us into a futuristic odyssey with games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the series has served up a solid range of diverse gameplay experiences. This diversity has enabled us to immerse ourselves in an array of weapons, strategies, and technologies, catering to our ever-expanding range of gaming preferences.

The franchise's ability to merge captivating single-player campaigns with engaging multiplayer modes is one of its biggest successes, in our opinion. Its multiplayer platform has set a high standard for competitive online gaming, offering an experience that can keep players engaged for countless hours. Iconic game modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Domination remain fan favorites. Multiplayer maps such as "Nuketown," "Rust," and "Shipment" have become legendary arenas for thrilling clashes, and their enduring appeal keeps players returning for more intense action.

The entire series has such quotable lines that we quote in everyday life, like "You're gettin' shot up" and "The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?" and of course, the prompt "Press F to pay respects" is pretty ingrained in our minds. Let us know if we missed the one that lives rent-free in your brain.

As we look forward to the upcoming Call of Duty MW 3, we honor the journey that has brought us here, eagerly anticipating the adventures, battles, and memorable moments that await.


Early access opened up for the beta on Nov 2nd and 3rd in regional timezones, and the full release of the game comes out Friday, November 10th in respective regional timezones.