New Release: Horizon

It’s Here

The newest addition to the Gamer Advantage glasses lineup is here: Horizon. Combined with our clinically proven lenses, the Horizon frame also brings many improvements to daily wearability. Most notably, these advances include the frames being 75% lighter than standard glasses frames, having an incredibly low profile, adjustable nose pads, and rubber temple tips. Not only that, but the frames are made with Ultrason materials which are used to make firefighters’ face shields. All of these advancements combined allow the gaming community to protect their eyes with maximum comfort using remarkable materials.

In Detail

Looking at each feature up close, we tackled the challenge of wearing glasses while wearing a headset as a top priority. Naturally, with average glasses, it can be challenging to play games for long periods of time with a headset pressing down. With the flexibility and durability of the frames created by Ultrason materials, it served as the perfect solution. The frames will feel great throughout hours of play, and their color and clarity will not fade over time. Horizon is available in 5 colors, so feel free to explore would look best for you. Even with tough material found in firefighters’ face shields, the frames are featherlight and low-profile to ensure that no compromises are being made for your play sessions.

To help facilitate all-day wear and healthier gaming, adjustable nose pads and rubber temple tips are equipped to assist. With a no-slip grip combined with a customized fit on the nose, no longer will a multitude of life distractions be an issue. Whether you’re removing a mask, or your normal glasses simply have a tendency to slip on their own, these issues will be reduced as a result. Outside of gaming, a no-slip grip serves as a plus when performing tasks on a warm day outdoors while also blocking UV light.

Putting It All Together

With Horizon, barriers between a gamer, comfort, and healthier gaming sessions are eliminated. No longer will glasses be a detriment to a gaming session, and no sacrifices have been made elsewhere to accommodate. Combined with multiple improvements to the frame, Gamer Advantage glasses still retain the clinically proven benefits that have been raved about by the gaming community. By reducing headaches, boosting melatonin, and improving sleep, our glasses are changing the conversation around blue light glasses. There’s never been a better time to invest in your health as our world becomes increasingly digitized, and we’ll be there with solutions like Horizon along the way.