Statement From Bryan Reedy

Confusion Answered

With the launch of new skincare products promising blue light protection by Valkyrae and Addison Rae, some creators and organizations have shown an unwillingness to work with Gamer Advantage. This reignited the misconception that issues revolving around blue light are a myth. Of course, this fear is easily addressed with a multitude of sources, and much of that research has been uncovered in these blogs over the months. For full context, the statement below contains Founder and CEO of Gamer Advantage, Bryan Reedy's, response.

With that said, we want to reaffirm our main focus on the cognitive issues surrounding blue light over the physical. The suppression of melatonin making it more difficult to sleep has always been a key issue we’ve been working with the gaming community on solving. It’s research-driven, and we’ve heard many testimonies as to how our glasses have made real differences.

As Bryan notes, it’s dishonest to compare the effectiveness Gamer Advantage products with a failed skincare launch. Gamer Advantage is on a mission to solve problems that we ourselves and the gaming community face each day, especially as technology and blue light becomes more prominent in our lives. Gamer Advantage glasses are clinically proven to work, and we will not let be lumped in with others’ product launches that aren’t relevant to our offerings and core mission.

Thank you in advance for reading Bryan’s statement:


Bryan’s Statement

“To my fellow gamers and members of the Twitter community,

I am saddened by the number of creators and orgs that no longer want to talk or work with Gamer Advantage simply due to what happened with the recent product launches by Valkyrae and Addison Rae. If you aren't aware, each of the creators launched a skincare product, which promised protection from blue light, and the community’s feedback was not positive.

The product these two creators launched is not a new concept. SPF/UV protection has been a thing in make-up for a very long time. I think the focus on "blue light" for them was a major miss as blue light protection and keeping your skin hydrated, are two different conversations.

So what does that have to do with Gamer Advantage? Well, it turns out that many people took the backlash as a sign that people don't believe in the afflictions of blue light. If you know us, you would know that our focus has not been on "blue light burning your eyes (or skin for that matter)" but more about how too much screen time can suppress your melatonin and make it difficult to sleep (more on that here: 9/10 people we survey say they don't sleep well.

As a group of gamers, we set out to solve a problem we all deal with personally. Rejecting the conversation of our eyewear because of a failed makeup product launch is like comparing apples to oranges. We take these slights and assumptions from the community personally and seriously.

Our product is designed for gamers, by gamers and what I mean by that is it is designed to be comfortable under a headset, help you sleep better, and look good while doing it. I refuse to be dragged down by misinformation and misrepresentation.

We will continue to push forward regardless of what anyone else does. If there are people in this space that don't want to work with us, we will simply say "Thank you for your time" and move on in search of a partner that is serious about sleep and serious about overall wellness.

Poor sleep is dangerous both physically and mentally (more here,can%20even%20affect%20your%20appearance). We know what we have, and we know it works.

I want to thank all of those who continue to work with us and promote our product. Every single day we get a message about how we helped someone with their sleep and those messages are what propels us forward. Our message will only get louder, and I will advocate for my community until the end. I am a gamer for life.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have an amazing day!”

Bryan Reedy
Founder and CEO
Gamer Advantage