Fighting Games: Our Top 5 Fave Ladies

Think sleep is for the weak? Think again! Catching those zzz's is like downing a health potion - it sharpens your reflexes and keeps you quick on your feet (or controller, let's be real). So, how do you get that precious shut-eye when your to-do list is a mile long?

  • Set that gaming timer! Remind yourself when it's time to swap the controller for a pillow (as hard as that is).
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You got this, badass gals.

Finding balance is like mastering that tricky combo - it takes practice, but the win feels amazing! So, power up with sleep, gear up with the right tools, and enjoy those gaming sessions and the quiet moments too. Every champion deserves a great night's sleep.

There are so many comprehensive lists out there that break down which female characters out there are the best. With how many genres there are to get through, we decided that today we are going to break down our top 5 favorite women in the fighting game genre:


Chun-Li from Street Fighter 

As one of the first female characters in fighting games, Chun-Li is an icon.

Her quickness, powerful kicks, and intriguing backstory as an Interpol agent seeking revenge make her a compelling and beloved character.




Sindel from Mortal Kombat 

Sindel's complex personality, combined with her powerful abilities as the former queen of Edenia, make her a fascinating character. Her tragic backstory and struggles with motherhood add depth to her formidable presence in combat.




Anna Williams from Tekken 

Anna is a fan favorite in the Tekken series due to her striking design and deadly Irish martial arts skills. Her complicated relationship with her sister Nina adds an interesting layer to her character beyond the combat.


Bayonetta is a powerful and complex female protagonist with a compelling storyline. Her witch abilities, combined with her sassy personality and intricate combos, make her a joy to play. Her character explores themes of identity, power, and femininity.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 

Lara Croft is an iconic character in gaming with a rich history spanning decades. Her intelligence, athleticism, and determination make her a compelling protagonist. The series has evolved to offer a more complex and nuanced portrayal of Lara, exploring her vulnerabilities and growth as an adventurer.