Engineered By Gamers For Gamers, Premium Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Debut In 800-Plus Stores

Gamer Advantage is a young, dynamic company from Detroit, specialized in products that improve sleep and health for gamers, to help perform at their best level. Their signature product is a trendy collection of spectacles that can be worn as an everyday pair of eyewear or specifically during screen time.

Amongst the very competitive offering of blue light blocking eyewear, Best Buy chose to partner with this young brand because of their no-nonsense approach to being the best in class when it comes to real life impact. Gamer Advantage’s mission is simple: bring products that improve your sleep and elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank. 

Their proprietary lens technology, now trademarked Rezme™, absorbs artificial light at the exact frequency where digital screen emissions peak. Furthermore Gamer Advantage’s secret is not only in what they filter, also in how the lenses absorb blue light in a gradual curve, following nature’s ways. This unique combination makes them able to clinically prove the impact of their lenses on the quality of sleep and cognition.  Another great feature is the lenses are near-clear so they don’t distort color perception.

Note from our CEO:

“We are beyond excited to be in Best Buy both online and in-store.  As a brand born in gaming, and as a team of lifelong gamers, we hold our brand and product to a very high standard.  If we wouldn’t wear it, if we don’t feel the impact, if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we don’t do it. Being in a retailer as powerful as Best Buy gives our brand the chance to showcase what we are truly capable of.  It also gives our potential customers the chance to get the product quickly and in person.  Sometimes sleeping better just can’t wait!”

Bryan Reedy



Best Buy is offering five different styles, two different lens choices. Select options available online and in-store.