Introducing: Suppressor Lens

New Release

You asked for it! Just when you thought Gamer Advantage glasses and lenses couldn’t get any better, we delivered on one of the biggest requests we’ve received: creating an effective 100% clear lens. Our brand-new Suppressor Lens delivers on that promise so nothing gets in between your lifestyle, true color, and greater productivity.


In addition to the 100% clear lens, the Suppressor Lens is geared toward improved productivity and focus as studies have shown. Recommended use is 4+ hours of screen time of your devices such as your phone and PC. There are layers to the new lenses to as well. These are known as the Anti-Reflective layer, High Surface Density Hydrophobic layer, and the SR Booster layer. As has been the expectation with Gamer Advantage lenses, they offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, repel sweat and fingerprints, are serve as optical-quality lenses overall.


Sleeper Lens Contrast

You may be wondering how the Suppressor Lens contrasts with our original lens, Sleeper (which is not going away). To start, the Suppressor Lens uses low density absorption powder and is geared more toward general lifestyle use compared to the Sleeper Lens which uses high density absorption power and is favored by streamers and device use of 8+ hours.

As was mentioned, the Suppressor Lens has a greater focus on improving productivity/focus whereas the Sleeper Lens will be a greater help with your sleep and stopping the suppression of melatonin as its name suggests. Of course, the Suppressor Lens is 100% clear, whereas the Sleeper Lens is near-clear.

However, the Suppressor lens doesn’t let up on the commitment to reduce blue light as the Suppressor Lens blocks 17% at the critical 455nm level. Compared to the clear lenses of Gunnar and Hyper X, these lenses block 5% and 3% of blue light at that level, respectively. The competition’s lenses also do not come with bendable Morph-Flex™ frames, a hydrophobic coating, and clinically proven results to name a few drawbacks. For even greater protection, the near-clear Sleeper Lens blocks 42% of blue light at the 455nm level.


New Option

In all, the Suppressor Lens serves as a great new option with a different purpose than the Sleeper Lens. While both continue to blue light at the critical 455nm level, the Suppressor Lens will help you achieve greater productivity and focus, while the Sleeper Lens will help with sleep and reducing the suppression of melatonin. But most importantly, as you go about your daily activities, the Suppressor Lens offer the long-awaited 100% clear lens. We know the Suppressor Lens will be a game-changer, and we can’t wait for you to try them.