National Eye Exam Month: The Best Decision

national eye exam month

Virginia was going about her daily life as she always did. Her vision started getting blurry, but she didn't think much of it until she realized it wouldn't go away. So Virginia decided to see her eye doctor for the first time in what seemed like forever to get a hold of what was happening. When the doctor told her she had cataracts, she was shocked. How could this have happened? Her doctor told her there were many ways to prevent and treat cataracts, and if she had an early exam, she could have prevented most of those issues. 

But it was a great thing that she came in when she did. Without a checkup, she could have struggled with type 2 diabetes, heart problems, loss of vision, sensitivity problems, and more without realizing it. Take note: Diabetes from significant weight gain was the likely cause of her cataracts, which she discovered after her eye exam led her to get a physical exam by her primary care physician.

The story above is entirely true; luckily, she solved them through treatment. That is why we are spreading awareness during August for National Eye Exam Month! Regular eye exams are important because they help us catch any vision problems or eye diseases early on. That means we can get prompt treatment and avoid any further complications. 

By scheduling your yearly eye exam, you'll clear your vision and tackle any issues head-on. Eye exams aren't just about getting contacts or new glasses (which we encourage *wink wink*). They're like an all-in-one health check for your eyes. Eye doctors can spot sneaky eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration before they show any symptoms. 

Eye exams can uncover other health conditions that aren't directly related to your eyes. Some eye abnormalities might hint at underlying health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. Who knew? By catching these conditions early through regular eye exams, you can get the proper treatment and avoid complications.

During National Eye Exam Month, let's remember to prioritize our eye health. Make it a yearly habit because eye health can slowly decline over time. Taking care of our peepers can prevent vision loss and maintain our overall well-being. So, step up your eye game and enjoy clearer vision and a better quality of life! Eye Exams generally aren't expensive either. If you have eye insurance, most yearly exams are covered; if they aren't, the average is around $70.

We must live our best lives; our eyes are a significant priority for all of the obvious reasons. Get your eye exam done when you can because your HSA/FSA runs out at the end of the year! So use it when you have a few months to spare. Hint: You can use your FSA or HSA card directly on our website to buy our glasses. Regular preventive eye exams + our ultimate protective eyewear for free = big win!