Our Top 10 Favorite Gamer Stocking Stuffers & Santa Gifts (2023)

top 10 stocking stuffers gamer advantage

It’s Christmas morning, gamers! You come into your living room to see all the boxes and bags under the tree. It’s exciting, the thrill of the holiday is coursing through your veins. Before you open your presents, it's stocking time! But the first thing you pull out of your stocking is a bath bomb that you’ll never use. Next up, the ugliest pair of socks you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. Moral of the story: don’t give people shiz that they don’t want. Give them what they need!

And then, you realize that all you have to put in your family members' stockings is toothpaste and a small puzzle you found in the back of your closet. You didn’t plan ahead. Now everyone knows. 

Don’t let this happen to you. Here at Gamer Advantage, we compiled a list of our favorite gamer stocking stuffers that will surely be a hit. They may not be as sexy as cat burrito underwear, but you’re giving them something they’ll use and appreciate over and over. 

Take note: we are not direct affiliates with any of the other brands on here. This is entirely our opinion to help give you the best Christmas morning ever. 

Without further ado, here are our favorite stocking stuffers in no particular order. 

discord nitro

Discord Nitro

Most gamers use Discord; however, not all have upgraded to Nitro. You get a lot of perks and new features from upgrading, so giving the gift of a subscription would be well received. You can purchase Nitro Basic or Nitro, depending on how much you love them (insert wink emoji).


exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens Board Game

Created by the artist who made The Oatmeal famous, Exploding Kittens is a runaway hit board game. It’s especially popular with gamers, perhaps because Matthew Inman possesses the same wacky sense of humor that runs rampant in the gaming community. We recommend starting with the original edition and go from there.


fog away

Fog Away Spray (2-Pack)

FogAway is our best-selling proprietary anti-fog spray for glasses, goggles, mirrors, cameras, and more. The winter is full of fluctuating temperatures, and as all glasses wearers know, going outside to inside can get old really quickly. It is formulated and manufactured in Michigan and has been a trusted brand for first responders, safety professionals, and the military for many years. One application will help prevent fog for approximately 24 hours.

alt customs speed mat

Alt Customs Speed Mat

The Alt Customs Speed mats have such a variety, that you can find the perfect one for your favorite PC gamer. They roll up, so perfect to give a teaser for what’s to come sticking out of that stocking. They have some really sick designs, and they print them in-house so you know you’re getting the best quality. 


my arcade retro machine

My Arcade Retro Machine

There are 200 games built into this mini-arcade. It’s a battery operated device that fits in the palm of your hand, and your gamer loved one can play for hours.


 SLEEP drink gamer advantage, advanced gg

Herbal Tea Sleep Drink

In our collaboration with Advanced GG, we came up with the perfect solution for your restless nights. Our herbal tea-flavored sleep drink (in chamomile and hibiscus) will calm you down naturally and have you blissfully snoozing away in no time. We’re also doing a BOGO right now that includes a free bottle of sleep mist to get the best bang for your buck. So maybe you’ll have to keep the drink for yourself and include the sleep mist in the stocking.


theraice cold cap

Cold Head Cap from TheraIce

These cold caps are perfect for combating headaches or just relaxing after a long gaming session. We have met no one who hasn’t liked these, and they are fantastic for your health. Our Content Director is obsessed with hers and uses it constantly. 


cinch gaming controller

Cinch Controllers

Game controllers seem like such a gimme when it comes to the gamers in your life (including yourself). But the ones customized by Cinch are incredible. You can purchase them through their website. They have pre-built, but our favorites are the ones you can make entirely yourself. 


gamer advantage pinchers

Gamer Advantage- Pinchers

Ok, so eyeglass cleaner may not seem exciting, but Pinchers really are special. First of all, you don’t need a liquid cleaner to use them to make your eyeglasses squeaky clean. They’re portable, reusable, environmentally friendly, and a gift they will use (and appreciate) over and over (and over).


gamer advantage diablo frame

Gamer Advantage- Glasses

Of course, we had to throw these in there. Even CBS included our glasses in their holiday gift guide! With our proprietary REZME lens technology, this will be the highlight of the stockings (or even as a separate gift since they’re so awesome). We want your family, friends, and significant others to have the best sleep and brain and mood protection possible. Game longer, have better performance and have it backed by clinically proven technology. Learn more here, and shop here.