The Best Halloween Costumes With Glasses

It's almost Halloween 2023, and you're stuck on a Halloween costume. It's one of the glasses wearers' nightmares. What costume can I wear my glasses with? Don't worry, we got you. Here is the comprehensive list of the best costumes with glasses to make you stand out at the party, handing out candy, or your Halloween stream.

halloween costumes with glasses velma

Velma - Scooby Doo

It is an absolute classic. Velma is a solid go-to for any Halloween party because she can go alone or with a group of the Mystery Inc. gang. It always will be a hit, but don’t lose your glasses like I did above. Yes, that’s our content director in the picture! 

Glasses Recommendation: Augment

halloween costumes with glasses dexterDexter -  Dexter's Laboratory

Dee Dee!! Dexter is a nostalgic and easy costume that is sure to be noticed. All you’ll need are your glasses, a lab coat, and some purple gloves, and you’re golden. 

Glasses Recommendation: Walden or Inferno

halloween costumes with glasses dwightDwight Schrute - The Office

Need I say more? It’s one of the most recognizable easy costumes. You can probably use everything in your closet. Bonus points if the Halloween party is on a farm.

Glasses Recommendation: Diablo, Specter, or Terra

halloween costumes with glasses Tobias Funke

Tobias Funke - Arrested Development

This costume suggestion is just an excuse to paint yourself blue. Grab some jorts, develop a love for the Blue Man Group, and wear pants in the shower.

Glasses Recommendation: Storms

halloween costumes with glasses waldo

Waldo - Where’s Waldo

The Waldo costume would work best if you were in a packed place. Just make sure that someone finds you when it’s time to go home or be trapped in Halloween forever.

Glasses Recommendation: Storm

halloween costumes with glasses squints

Squints - Sandlot

Another perfect closet costume, with little to no money needed. Grab a baseball bat, and you have the ideal last-minute ‘fit.

Glasses Recommendation: Inferno

halloween costumes with glasses jessica day

Jessica Day - New Girl

Who's that giiiiirl? It's YOU. Jessica Day is another easy costume for which you can bring out all the layers. Wear a cardigan over a tank over the top with a skirt and those mid-2000s ballet flats in the back of your closet.

Glasses Recommendation: Storm


halloween costumes with glasses hipster

“Hipster” Anything

You can throw a pair of glasses on anything to make it a “hipster” version. Hipster Disney Princess, Hipster Witch, Hipster Ghoul, the list goes on and on. 

Glasses Recommendation: Augments or Infernos


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halloween costumes with glasses baymaxhalloween costumes with glasses harry potter

halloween costumes with glasses ghost