The Healthy Way to Game All Day!

September 12th, 2022 marks the 21st year of “National Video Game Day”.  If you notice a few empty chairs at the office, it's probably because they used PTO for their MMO.  Spending a full day playing video games sounds fun, but it can come with consequences.

Sitting and staring at a screen all day isn’t ok, for anyone. That is why we have compiled a list of 10 ways you can break up your all day gaming session.  Doing this will keep you healthier so you can game more often.

Healthy Tips for Gaming All Day

1Start your day with some sun.  Chances are you don’t have your PC or console set up outside.  If you do that's awesome and you should send us a picture.  For the rest of us, gaming all day means being inside.  Starting your day with 15-30 minutes of sunlight can help improve your sleep, reduce stress, and fight depression (1).  

2Hydrate or Die-drate! Drink water, and plenty of it. The recommended amount is 90-125 oz. per day (2).  Drinking a healthy amount of water can help lubricate and cushion your joints as well as protect sensitive tissues, like your eyes.

3Stop staring! Take a break from staring at the screen. After a match, look at something across the room, like a picture on your wall, for like, 20-30 seconds. This focal reset will keep your eyes reacting at optimal speed. 

4Start flossing!  Not your teeth, but the dance!  Do a celebratory walk or bust-a-move around your room when you win or get that clutch kill. Getting your blood flowing is crucial to maintaining an all day gaming sesh. Stand up and walk around your room for a few minutes. Walking has shown to increase blood flow to the brain (3) , which you will need to utilize if you want to win. 

5Sit up! Slouching does more than make your neck and back hurt. In fact, slouching can cause incontinence, constipation, heartburn, and slow digestion (4). Sit up in a neutral position, relax your shoulders, and get it together, for your team. If you find it hard to do this, you may need a better chair.

6Wear  Gamer Advantage glasses. Not all lens technology is created equal. Gamer Advantage’s proprietary technology absorbs harmful light emitted by your screens without affecting color, how neat is that. Our lenses can help you to stay focused and alert, reduce eye fatigue and have a restful night with improved sleep quality after a gaming marathon.  

7Watch what you eat. Foods full of preservatives and artificial flavors can leave you hungry for more.  Nuts and seeds are a great way to curb your appetite and the magnesium can help with muscle relaxation.  Check out this blog to learn more about nuts and other foods that can help you sleep and more! 

8There are other thirst quenching options, as we already mentioned staying hydrated, but let's say water just isn’t your cup of tea, literally.  Tea can be a fun, flavorful, and healthy alternative to other things like sports and energy drinks.  Many teas contain safe levels of natural caffeine and antioxidants.  We love Chamomile for its sleep benefits (5), and Hibiscus because it is not only refreshing, but can help with high blood pressure (6), which is pretty much guaranteed during your full day of gaming. 

9Play with your friends!  It’s always more fun to play with a friend and equally as fun to play with new friends you meet in the lobby.  If you just had an awesome match with someone, invite them to your next game.  Studies have shown that playing video games, including violent video games can create and improve friendships amongst players (7) .

10”Just One More!” Literally, it needs to be the last one. For real. Give yourself a time to stop so you can wind down before your crash. Having a set “bedtime” can get your body into a natural rhythm that will help you fall asleep consistently (8). Give yourself at least 30 minutes to 2 hours before bed to chill.


Print this list out, save it, or memorize it.  Keep it with you to remind yourself of the small steps you can take to game AND be healthy.  If you want to learn more about gaming and your health, check out these other blogs from your friends at Gamer Advantage. 

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Photo by Jose Gil on Unsplash