Blue Light Glasses That Actually Work

blue light glasses that work

Recently, it has been in the news that blue light-blocking glasses may not give you the eye protection that many claim. Do blue light glasses actually work? The answer is no, with one big caveat.

We agree that most blue light blockers do little, if anything, to protect the eyes. That's why Gamer Advantage was started to begin with; we wanted to offer lens technology that actually works. The proprietary technology used to create our lenses isn’t easy to come by. The intention in creating these lenses was to ensure they could pass the clinical studies to back up our claims.

Why Most Blue Light Blocking Glasses Don’t Protect Your Eyes

Knowing what to look for is critical to understanding why most blue light-blocking glasses on the market are useless (and believe us, the market is flooded with these useless glasses). It’s essential to understand why so you know what to look for when purchasing the correct type of glasses. To start, you need to know what 455nm wavelengths are.

The Color Spectrum: 455nm Wavelength

Blue-violet light is the most harmful when over-exposed, and this light operates at a wavelength of between 415nm and 455nm on the color spectrum. Blue-violet light can be emitted from computers and everyday things like energy-saving light bulbs with a blue-ish tint. This constant barrage of harmful waves is why artificial light can damage our eyes and health.  

Artificial light’s wavelength peaks at 455nm, so the lens technology must target this wavelength in order to be effective.

Prolonged exposure to blue light, especially at night, can adversely affect sleep patterns and eye health. Studies have shown that blue light from screens suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. This disruption can lead to sleep disorders and fatigue. Also, prolonged blue light exposure is linked to digital eye strain and macular degeneration.

blue-violet light spectrum

Look for the Data on the Blue Light Blocking Glasses You Purchase

When you browse the selection of glasses online while asking the question do blue light glasses actually work, most likely, the glasses you’re viewing are useless, and the answer would be “no.” If you look for sources of clinical data to back up claims, chances are you won’t find them. 

A great example of clinical studies  can be found for our REZME™ technology. The claims we make are directly tied to clinical data. Instead of extrapolating on other’s research, we reference research that’s directly tied to the proprietary lens technology we use in our glasses. 

In a Nutshell…

Do blue light glasses actually work? They do if the lenses use advanced lens technology that’s backed by clinical data. Another glasses - buyer beware!

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