Our Picks: Cooperative Games For Kids

cooperative games for kids
It's time for back to school! This time of year can get so busy between getting new clothes, binders, blue light glasses, shoes, and other back-to-school supplies. We preoccupy ourselves and our kids with the "end of summer," and sometimes, it feels like the fun gets sucked out into a vacuum. But it's never time to stop playing games with them! Kid-safe, cooperative games are vital to keeping that summer magic alive and staying connected to them even when homework is looming over their heads. Here are our picks for kid-safe co-op games you can play together during the school year!

Fall Guys

fall-guys-image taken from epic games store
Fall Guys is an exciting and family-friendly game that can be played for free. It was developed by Mediatonic and published by Epic Games. In this game, players can control cute jellybean-like characters and partake in a variety of fun mini-games like obstacle courses or soccer matches. As the rounds progress, players are eliminated until only one remains, making them the ultimate winner. It's an excellent game for kids and can provide hours of entertainment.

Rocket League

rocket league photo taken from xbox
Are your kids into sports? Rocket League, often described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars," is a fantastic game for kids to play with their parents. Played with up to eight players who are divided into two teams, players use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into the opponent's goal and score points. You can play locally or online. It's time to get a little (or a lot) competitive.

Mario Party

mario party image taken from nintendo
Mario Party will never die. It has evolved over the years but is the same as our adults' childhoods. It holds the record for the longest-run mini-game series, and each iteration adds more and more games for up to 4 players! So, if you have a Switch, I recommend playing together as your favorite Mario World characters. 


overcooked image taken from nintendo
Your blood will boil - with how fun this game can be! Overcooked offers a fun and educational puzzle experience for kids, where they take the role of chefs in kitchens filled with exciting challenges. The chefs must quickly prepare meals to meet specific orders within a time limit while overcoming various obstacles and hazards.


minecraft image taken from ions
The most well-known on this list is Minecraft; kids can explore a fun and creative world filled with blocks. They can discover and collect different materials, create amazing tools and items, and build cool structures and machines. The possibilities are endless! And if you are worried about parental controls, there are many game modes where you can turn off all the scary stuff.

Untitled Goose Game

untitles goose game image taken from IGN
Although mischievous, the Untitled Goose game is a fun and silly puzzle adventure played by two people. Run around as a goose stealing garden items, annoying shop clerks, and more while you adventure across an English town. It is so good for critical thinking, and many laughs will be shared. 
The weather may be getting colder, but that doesn't mean your fun must also cool down! Play as much as you want, and remember to wear your blue light eyewear protection. If you are looking for back-to-school eyewear, our  REZME technology is perfect for long days in the computer lab and video games at home.