Blue Light Protection: What Are Your Options

For many Americans, spending several hours a day in front of a digital device of some kind is a necessity. For some though, the effects of blue light can take quite a toll on their eyes. While ensuring you give your eyes a break every once and a while, there are other ways to help keep your eyes comfortable. 

One idea is to invest in a good pair of computer glasses. While there isn’t an abundance of evidence that blue light is a huge cause for concern when compared to digital overuse itself, some researchers agree that wearing blue light glasses can help with lowering eyestrain [1]. 

Another way to help you deal with excess blue light is through the use of a screen filter. These are great for digital devices such as cell phones, as they are capable of absorbing a decent amount of blue light. 

Finally, you can help protect your eyes with certain foods and supplements. Lutein and zeaxanthin are great natural supplements that can be found in many leafy green foods [2]. This can help you to fight off the effects of macular degeneration.