Eye Wellness for the Digital Workplace

Many of our normal work routines were turned upside-down starting in early 2020 due to health concerns. Those changes are still affecting us now halfway through 2021. More students are learning from home, and office meetings have turned into Zoom calls. For most people, especially those who were already consuming large amounts of digital content prior to 2020, eye wellness is a very real concern. 

According to a recent report by the Vision Council, 80% of all Americans are using digital devices at least two hours day. A startling 59% are claiming instances of digital eye strain [1]. Digital eye strain refers to several vision-related issues brought on by excessive digital screen use. Headaches, eye strain, neck pain, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the symptoms that accompany DES [2]. 

With the massive influx of digital media consumption, there are a few things to be cognizant of in regard to protecting your eyes in the digital workplace. First, it’s a good idea to keep the brightness of the room you’re working in at a similar level as your monitor screen. Be sure your chair supports your back and neck, and take 20-minute breaks to help alleviate eye strain. For those who spend extensive time in front of a screen, a daily eye vitamin is a great way to provide natural support for your eyes [3]. 



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