Four Years of the Best Eyewear Around

A message from our founder reflecting on the last 4 years:

This month we (Gamer Advantage) celebrate four years in business.  Four years in the gaming industry is kind of like dog years because it definitely feels like we have been around for more like 28. I believe that feeling comes from the overwhelming support and acceptance we have received from the gaming community and beyond.  

The gaming community is one of the most loving, most competitive, and of course, most critical communities there is and that is why we love it. 

I have been a gamer my entire life, so the passion that fuels Gamer Advantage isn’t solely based on our amazing products, but more so the ability to eat, sleep (pun intended), and talk gaming as a career. 

When we started, we had very little money, no social media presence (including myself), and no real plan.  We knew we had something amazing, we knew that it was time to do it right, and with that we set off into the wild world of ecommerce.  

Along the way, some pretty awesome stuff happened.  First and foremost, is our partnerships program.  One of the first things we focused on was working with like-minded gamers throughout the world that believed in our mission to help gamers sleep better.  

After working through a lot of skepticism, and a tremendous amount of research to understand how to best support our partners across various platforms we are proud to say that as of today we have over 600 active partners, almost all of which have credited Gamer Advantage with helping them sleep better, feel better, perform higher, and game longer. 

We launched Fog Away® prior to the pandemic for those who wore glasses inside of VR headsets. Because we only release products that actually work, once the pandemic hit it didn’t take long for Fog Away® to become the #1 selling anti-fog spray in the United States.  

Little do the divers in Florida know that the Fog Away® spray they are using on their masks came from a group of gamers.  

As time went on we continued to grow, eventually expanding into Europe.  The one thing I love about gaming is although we live on different sides of the world, have different cultures, and speak different languages, the game is the same, and so is the passion for it. We are proud to say that as of today, we have sold into more than 140 different countries worldwide. 

Our most recent success was our launch in Best Buy last November.  I still pinch myself thinking that without the help of any investors, we successfully rolled out into nearly 700 stores nationwide, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. We are performing well inside retail and will continue to expand our retail offering globally in 2023. 

I could probably write a novel on the highs and sometimes lows at Gamer Advantage, but I will save that for our 10 year anniversary.  For now, we would like to take this time to cheers to 4 years and thank you for being a part of this journey and the #GAFam.

Yours truly,


Found/CEO @ Gamer Advantage