How To Get The Most Out Of Your HSA/FSA Vision Benefits

It’s the end of the year, the time is winding down where we are spending time with family and friends. But are you spending time to make sure you don’t have any unused money left in your HSA/FSA account? Make sure you look over your benefits, as there are probably some you haven’t used. 

But what even is HSA/FSA? It is a type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses. By using untaxed dollars in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and some other expenses, you may be able to lower your overall health care costs. (Information taken from

As they are a fantastic accessory, most people forget that glasses are considered a medical device to treat poor eyesight. So you most likely can use some of the money that you’ve already paid to your insurance to snag some. 

Lucky for you that we accept HSA/FSA for our glasses! Our lenses are optical grade and come directly from our lab here in the U.S.A. We have a really cool video of the lab on our website that you can check out on our home page. 

Here are some tips to maximize what you can do with your HSA/FSA vision benefits:

  • Make sure that you get your yearly eye exam in
  • Your eyes are always changing. Even if you have had “perfect” vision your entire life, it’s beneficial to schedule an eye exam every year just to get yourself checked out. It is super common for your eyes to change by a tiny amount each year. This could let you know if you need prescription glasses, or our favorite screen protection (which you already should be using)

  • Review Your Plan
  • Even though HSA and FSA plans are very standard, they can still vary from provider to provider. Read over your documents and jot down the most important things that you would like to use before the year is up. One of them is definitely getting new glasses if your plan allows for it. 

  • Treat Yo’ Self
  • Use your vision benefits to get yourself a new pair of prescription eyewear that you’ve either had your eye on, or couldn’t financially justify. There’s always that one frame that has been sitting in that one tab you’ve had open for three weeks contemplating about it. We have 8 different frame styles with a multitude of color options for you to choose from. 

    Here is a video from our CEO Bryan Reedy on how to use your end of the year benefits on our website!