How Gamer Advantage Glasses Are Helping the Gaming Community

With clinically proven, near-clear lenses and ultra-flexible frames, it’s no secret that Gamer Advantage is changing the optical industry and improving the lives of gamers everywhere. Being gamers ourselves, we’re well aware of the eye strain, headaches, and sleep problems looking at screens for prolonged periods of time can cause, and it’s been our mission to play a role in being a positive force for health and wellness in the gaming community. We’d love to discuss some of the ways Gamer Advantage has your back if you’re new to the brand!

Science is at the core of who we are and bringing gamers an honest product that makes it easier to play games, live healthier, and get a better night’s sleep is our ultimate goal. Unlike other frames, our glasses block blue light at the 455nm level and have protection infused into the lenses instead of as a low-quality yellow film or coating. This resulted in 99.1% of those surveyed in a trial reporting that their eyes were more relaxed indoors. Using near-clear lenses, it’s easier than ever to look good and play games and know that the colors of your games will hardly look any different. Comfort is also something we want gamers to feel, and with flexible frames, they have the ability to mold to a head under a headset for even more of a zero-compromise experience.

For ultimate transparency, a lifetime warranty and sleep satisfaction guarantee is something we’re thrilled to offer alongside each glasses purchase. The lifetime warranty speaks for itself, and the sleep satisfaction guarantee allows gamers access to a forgiving return policy that lasts 45 days. No one is more confident in their frames than Gamer Advantage, and we’ll always be there to provide the best customer service possible to everyone who puts their trust in us.

Lastly, Gamer Advantage takes pride in being a company that provides opportunity and sponsorships to streamers of a variety of sizes. Dozens of streamers have joined our vibrant #GAFam, and each applicant is viewed holistically. Some of these relationships have also resulted in limited-run frames that are made in an alternative color with the logo of the streamer involved. Apparel has also been created to highlight these streamers. Supporting each member of the #GAFam in their goals means a stronger gaming community, and it’s something that will always mean the world to us.