Gaming Glasses Are an Effective Solution to Eye Strain and Headaches

As we listen to the gaming community, we’ve found that experiences with eye strain and headaches are some of the biggest motivators to begin looking into gaming glasses. Regular interactions with a phone, TV, computer, and gaming console add up over the course of a day. Particularly at the 455nm of blue light, the human sleep cycle is disrupted and amplifies feelings of discomfort. With the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and rumors of a new version of the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, gamers should be aware of the science behind blue light and gaming glasses as we’re all excited to jump into the next generation of consoles.

Our New Normal

While many may be burned out from COVID discussion, it’s still relevant when discussing what it’s done to our lifestyle, and potentially, our blue light consumption. Much of America is spending at least 8 hours a day working from home on a computer, or as is the case for millions, working just as hard behind computer to apply for and regain employment. Weddings have been postponed, religious services occur primarily over live streams, major sports conferences have canceled their fall seasons, and shopping is done (even more so) online. These are just a few scenarios where COVID has kept people at home more, and half of them can be directly traced to potentially more screen time.

The Science

According to a study by Mariana Figueiro of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in a study of 20 teenagers, “Results show that 1-hour and 2-hour exposure to light from self-luminous devices significantly suppressed melatonin by approximately 23% and 38% respectively.” While a range on individuals may respond differently to blue light based on many factors, this should serve as a basis for noting how impactful looking at screens for many times the hours noted in the Figueiro study can be. Especially after factoring on how America’s lifestyle has changed. As melatonin is continually suppressed, this has an increasingly larger impact on our ability to sleep. And as our founder, Bryan Reedy, is fond of saying, “Sleep is the number 1 medicine and has been since the beginning of time.” Lacking the most fundamental way the body heals itself is a key reason why gamers are having trouble performing their best and feeling great before and after playing.

How We Can Help

Gamer Advantage studies have shown that:

  • 65.1% of respondents claimed to experience a significant reduction in headaches/migraines with our glasses

  • 99.1% of respondents reported that their eyes were more relaxed indoors

  • 98.2% reported a significant sleep improvement

  • Up to 96% boost in melatonin in just 5 days

Gamer Advantage has been on the forefront of delivering a clinically proven solution to the gaming community that helps to maximize health, comfort, and performance. While other brands make bold claims, once again, Gamer Advantage glasses target and absorb the sweet spot wavelength of blue light (455nm) that humans are most negatively impacted by. And with near-clear lenses, gamers no longer have to sacrifice the look of their games as they strive to meet their goals.

As we head into the next generation of gaming and life continues to change, purchasing clinically proven gaming glasses is an excellent step to becoming healthier, reaching your goals, and adjusting to the new normal. We will always be there to help!