RELEASED! Our “Big 3” Must-have Gaming Gear List for Xbox Series X and PS5

There’s a low rumble on the horizon as gamers worldwide prepare themselves for the biggest releases to date. That’s right: Xbox Series X and PS5 are about to drop — and, here is a rundown of the must-have gaming gear for these dream systems.

Since the dawn of video gaming systems, the release of a new version has almost become a ritual of sorts for hardcore gamers everywhere — the build-up, the marketing, the word-of-mouth rumors of what’s in store.

And, trust us when we say that the release of these two behemoth systems is no different.

So without further adieu, we present our “The Big 3” Must-have Gaming Gear List for Xbox Series X and PS5 — our rundown of the very best gaming monitors, controllers, and eyewear.

#1 Must-have Gaming Gear: The Monitor

The monitor is perhaps the most pivotal piece of equipment to the serious gamer. Both the Xbox and PS5 gaming systems are focused on delivering the ultimate visual experience for the three primary gaming formats — competition, casual, and/or singleplayer.

The gaming website analyzed 1, 519 professional gamers giving over 90 different monitors a test drive in order to give a glimpse into which monitors offer peak performance.

Here are the gaming monitors that made the grade:

  • BenQZowie XL2547/XL2540. The best competitive gaming monitor
  • BenQ Zowie XL2411. The best budget competitive gaming monitor
  • ASUS VG248QE. The top entry-level 144Hz monitor
  • ASUS AROG Swift PG258Q. Best competitive gaming monitor with G-Sync
  • Alienware AW2518H. Another top 240Hz G-Sync monitor

When shopping for the right monitor, the framerate is one of the characteristics that separate the good from the best. 1920x1080 is the top-end of the framerate debate — the closer to that level, the more expensive the model.

#2 Must-have Gaming Gear: The Controller

They don’t call it “ The Controller” for nothing.

Unless we’re talking about gaming “purists” — those gamers who insist on using nothing more than a traditional gaming mouse and keyboard — the controller is a critical piece of gaming gear that is as important as the system itself.

Controllers have made huge leaps in technology over the past decade, adding buttons and memory options that improve the playing experience exponentially.

Techradar released its list of top controllers to enhance the gaming experience based on aesthetics and performance:

  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller. The gold standard of gaming 
  • Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Additional luxury added to the mix
  • Logitech F310. The best budget solution in gaming
  • Sony DualShock 4. The very best motion controller on the market
  • 8BitDo SN30 Pro. The top retro controller for those who do retro

These controllers are also perfect for crossover PC gaming, particularly in the realm of response time and programmability.

#3 Must-have Gaming Gear: The Eyewear

If you’re not thinking about protecting your eyes as you create content, grow your audiences, and develop your streams, then you most definitely should be. The potential damage that excessive blue light exposure can do to your eyes is worth considering.

If you do a search for “blue light blocking glasses” on the web, you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of options. But that is the problem — those dime-a-dozen glasses use a cheap lens coating that blocks on a tiny amount of blue light, distort natural colors, and prevent soothing green light from healing your eyes.

That’s where Gamer Advantage is different. Our lenses absorb blue light — stopping the highest levels from reaching your inner eye — while allowing high levels of soothing green light to work their magic.

So there it is — our “The Big 3” Must-have Gaming Gear List for Xbox Series X and PS5 — our rundown of the very best gaming monitors, controllers, and eyewear.

Are you thinking healthcare beyond better vision?

If you’re a gamer — or you know a gamer you care about — equipping them with a pair of blue light-absorbing gaming glasses with the most advanced lens technology is the first step to enhanced performance and overall health.

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