Care Tips For A Good As Sh!t 2024

care tips for 2024

You know when you get the right amount of mouse sensitivity on your favorite FPS? That’s going to be the feeling of 2024, we know it. 

Tbh, we think it’s pretty gross when someone asks what our resolutions are this year like we’re even going to stick to them lol. So, instead of asking you that, we just wanted to provide you with a guide to that much-needed reset that you can stick to year-round. 

First and foremost, while gaming this year, focus on your mental and physical health without overthinking it. 

Hit Pause

We get it. Once you're hooked on your favorite game, it's like time doesn't exist. But remember, your body and mind need some chill time too. Set an alarm to take a break every hour. Use it to stretch, take a stroll, or do something that doesn't involve staring at a screen. Trust us: regular breaks keep your eyes healthy, your focus sharp, and your overall vibe positive.

Keep Moving

We're all guilty of spending hours glued to our gaming chairs. But too much sitting isn't great for your health. Try to mix in some exercise in your day-to-day. Hit the gym, go for a run, or even try out yoga. Getting your body moving not only helps your health but also boosts your brain power and reduces stress.

Drink Well, Sleep Well

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is pertinent to a well-balanced lifestyle and is especially important for the best gaming performance. We understand that gaming can sometimes keep you up all night. But we love sleep so much that not only do our glasses help, but our SLEEP drink will help keep you hydrated and let you drift off into some great slumber. 

Stay Zen

Yes, gaming can be intense, but remember to check in with yourself. Try out mindfulness activities like meditation or deep breathing. They can help you chill out, concentrate better, and stay calm during those crazy in-game battles.

Get into a Groove

A daily routine can help you juggle gaming and life like a pro. Make set times for gaming, work, meals, exercise, and sleep. With a solid routine, you can enjoy your gaming sessions guilt-free and still take care of the other important stuff in life.

Connect with Others

We all love teaming up with friends for some multiplayer action. But don't forget your IRL friends. Make time for some face-to-face hangouts with family or friends. A good mix of online and offline socializing makes life much more fun.

Know When to Power Down

Sometimes, a game can take over your life. If you're skipping out on sleep, ignoring other responsibilities, or feeling stressed, it's time to hit pause and take a break. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as winning that next battle. Just remember to balance gaming with everything else. Burnout can be for hobbies, too, and we want you to do it wisely and be able to enjoy your favorite games. 

At the end of the day, it's all about balance!