Twas the Night Before Gaming Traditions

twas the night before poem


Twas almost Christmas and all in the air, there was a slight humming, with all the consoles a blare. The TV is loud as the screams of civilians from GTA 5- ring out in the crowd.


The car wheels are screeching, and the bodies, they flop, all while Mom stands and watches, leaning on her mop. The house needs to be clean for guests to come over, but you say, "One more hour, please." you know she's a pushover. Every year, it's the same: you have those days off, and you have to game. 


It's a gaming tradition; they have to understand that you have to rumble, or tumble, or ram. Whether it's COD, Jack and Daxter, or Quake, there's always time for holiday gaming from the moment you awake. While growing, you've upgraded from Xbox to PS to Wii. But more importantly, it wasn't what platforms; it was the games that we're meant to be.


Some we're co-op you played with your sister, teaching her the ropes. But others were just for you, playing out the most tired video game tropes. It's the gaming time we've always looked forward to; it's different, it's new, and the feeling always grew. It's like a Saturday, but better, with the crisp winter air. And it's the one day a year you don't have to share. 


Now that we're older, it stays the same. It may be more Steam-driven, but it's still a game. You hop on with your squad between family parties, with some fast food by your side, maybe Wendy's or Arby's. It never mattered what age; once a year, Christmas gaming is a tradition let out of its cage.


But now we're smarter; we protect our eyes and ensure we don't get an unwell surprise. We sleep soundly at the end of the night, knowing that next year we're finally going to complete that winter update battle pass because you NEVER finish it, and you abandoned all your other quest lines for it. Just play it enough to make it worth it da*n it!


Eh hem, I mean– you go to sleep and dream about gumdrops and lollipops– and not the fact that you want to get up and play more of that game your best friend just gifted you today from the Steam sale. 


You get back on your PC, load it up, and stay up till the weary morning hours, full of gaming love. And so it was done, Christmas gaming fulfilled, the tradition is long going, your glass of milk with your cookies, refilled. We hope you have a great one this year, from our team to you, and now we wish you a Merry Christmas and bid you adieu!