Chad v Fool: Near Clear Peak Protection Glasses



Listen up, “gamers”

Stop buying those plastic lens glasses, where you’re either looking through a sea of yellow or have no protection at all. They’re a money grab offering no support to your precious balls.
We’re going to tell you how to be a Chad with Gamer Advantage, because in us vs them - we’re the real winners here. So, blue light is high-energy visible (HEV), from 400 nm (nanometer) to 500 nm. It's bad for our eyes and messes with our sleep hormone, melatonin. When you are looking at blue light indoors, it peaks at the 455nm. Is that going to melt your face off like that one scene from Indiana Jones? No, but we like being dramatic about it. But, it will mess with your sleep, eye strain and headaches.

Gamer Advantage lenses have that REZME® lens tech baked in, for some STRONG, STEADY PROTECTION.


We measure our blocking strength off of the 455nm, instead of the 420nm that
our competitors do. Our blue light blockers aren’t due to a coating, but it’s in the sand that makes up the lens itself. Gamer Advantage’s REZME® lenses protect your eyes from no-good artificial light while giving you epic true color vision. This means that in everything from gaming to designing, nothing will be distorted.
You see your game skins as they are, and can edit your content and photos with precision. Don’t be a silly little ninny and wear the other brands, be the Chad and wear Gamer Advantage. And hey, we have nothing to hide. Check out all of our studies and tech on our page. It’s pretty sick.
Bonus: Our frames are super durable. You can see a video of our Horizon frame getting run over by a Tesla