The Legend of Zelda and the Tears We Have For It


 First off, the Tears of the Kingdom release is one of the most exciting releases this year.

There are so many games out there. Some consider themselves gamers and have put 600+ hours into something their friends haven't even heard of. So few franchises like The Legend of Zelda have grabbed our hearts and imaginations. It's insane to think this series has been around for over 30 years, giving us all these stories of heroism, adventure, and discovery. Just thinking about that first Zelda game from 1986 is astounding, as the majority of the gaming population is from ages 18 to 34, coming out before most of them were born. 

The thing with Zelda games is how they always manage to take us to these incredible, immersive worlds.

zelda inspires landscape gamer advantage

Whether we're exploring Hyrule's vast plains or delving into ancient temples, playing as Link always feels like home. And who can forget the breathtaking beauty of Ocarina of Time's Hyrule Field or the charming colorfulness of The Wind Waker's open sea? These worlds always stick with us.

Oh, but it is so much more than the landscapes. The Zelda games have amazing stories and characters that bring everything to life. We've got the perfect Princess Zelda herself and our evil boy Ganon. And in the middle of it all is our silent hero, Link, who shows us true courage no matter how old we are.

Zelda games keep pushing gameplay innovation.

Every installment brings something new that challenges our brains and keeps us on edge - be it the legendary dungeons, clever tools like the Hookshot, or even the mighty Master Sword. Solving a super tricky puzzle or beating a tough boss makes you appreciate how much work goes into each game.

Take Breath of the Wild from 2017, for example - its groundbreaking open world and non-linear gameplay took everyone by storm, built the hype for Tears of the Kingdom, and reminded us why we love The Legend of Zelda so much.

The Zelda series is like a breath of fresh air in a world where most video games come and go. It has that perfect mix of storytelling, gameplay, and art that keeps you returning for more. 

zelda inspired landscape gamer advantage

These games take us on incredible journeys to places we could only dream of, introducing us to characters that feel like old friends. And the way they spark our imaginations? Mind-blowing.

But Zelda is so much more than just a bunch of games. It shows us how gaming can impact our lives, even after we've turned off the console.

So let's take a moment to appreciate all that The Legend of Zelda has given us – the epic quests, the fantastic music, and all those unforgettable memories etched into our gaming souls. Here's to you, Zelda – may your legacy keep inspiring us!

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