Ultimate Gamer Guide to Eye Health

gamers guide to eye health

Tips for the Amateur and the Pro

Published by Christina Amato from Gamer Advantage

We know that you’ve been wondering where this Ultimate Guide has been your whole life, you don’t have to tell us again. Here at Gamer Advantage, we’re inside your head, telling you the answers to questions that you haven’t even asked yet. Your eyes hurt while you’re playing games? Answered. Your glasses are always fogging up? Answered. Your kids are making fun of you for your play style? Okay we can’t help you with that. But down below we got a whole mess of tips to keep you focused and on point in your gaming life.

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Set The Mood

Babe, lighting's everything when it comes to gaming. Hanging in the dark or overly bright spaces can wear on those eyes of yours, causing aches and exhaustion. Natural light's where it's at—or at least some smooth ambient lighting. Pop that gaming station somewhere sunny for some stunning natural light during the day. And hey, tweak your screen brightness and contrast till you strike gold (read: no strained eyes).

Snag A Breather

You've gotta hit pause on that game now and then to treat those peepers. Staring at the screen too long will tire out your eyes, leaving them dry, red, and blurry. Keep it classy with the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, glance away for 20 seconds at something at least 20 feet away. Fancy, huh? This keeps those eyes from getting pooped.

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Get Your Screen Straight

Make sure that screen's right in front of you—you don't want to be chasing it around the room—and keep it an arm's length away. By doing this, you're taking a load off your eyestrain. Got a laptop? Bump it up on a classy stand or book for the height of sophistication. Bonus points if you angle your screen so that glare is gone.

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Lube up with eye drops

Gaming can lead to some thirsty eyes. Pass them some artificial tears or drops to keep things slick by stopping dryness, itchiness, and irritation in their tracks. Stick with drops made just for parched pupils—your eyes will thank you.

Strut in Blue Light Specs

Gamer Advantage glasses are basically VIP passes to reduced eyestrain and stellar sleep patterns. That pesky blue light emitting from screens is an HEV (high-energy visible light) invader that can sneak past your eye's bouncers and cause strain and weariness. Pop on some REZME® Sleep lens glasses while gaming to keep blue light at bay for 8+ hours.

Ft. Me on the right, who was brave enough to wear the other brand for that photo.

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Drink Up, Buttercup

Water's vital for those eyes of yours. Running low can leave them dry as a desert and just as red—hello discomfort and fatigue! Guzzle 8-10 glasses of H2O daily to drench your body and those lovely ocular orbs.

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Move Those Eyeballs

Work it, people! Flex your eye muscles with exercises like scoping out far-off objects, rolling your eyes (only when appropriate), and blinking like a boss. A little eye fitness action can shore up your eye strength and fend off strain. And REZME® Focus lenses during the workday will help them not get tired before your gamering time.


Tab into these tips, and you'll be the fanciest gamer around. Remember to snatch breaks, fix your lighting, set that screen just so, pop in eye drops, sip water like a champ, slide into Gamer Advantage glasses (which come in whatever style and lens types strikes you), stretch, and overall have an ultimate night to your gaming. You can get more tips about our glasses on our FAQ


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