Which Gaming Glasses are Best for my Game?


Okay, so you say that you’re a gamer. You have a PC, a console of some sort and a handheld. But what are you really playing? Being a gamer isn’t playing one specific type of game, there are so many genres out there. So, without further ado, our team matched our glasses with the different genres of gaming, so you can get the full picture of which gaming glasses are best for your gaming preference.



various games being shown with glasses

Role-Playing (RPG, ARPG, etc)

The Walden

The Walden is a classic style that is known for its light weight, durability, and sustainability just like you. RPGs can get long and drawn out, and sometimes even come to a point where you have to think about what your life is even about. We know those turn-based combat scenes can take forever, and your main didn’t take enough health potions. 




The Storm

The storm’s round frame represents that you need to know how to beat a platformer is to try and try again. Platformers are probably one of the most difficult games out there, and it takes a lot of patience and skill to get past those hard levels. We’re talking Crash Bandicoot levels that make you want to pull your hair out. But when you finally get that perfect jump, it's all worth it, just like the Storm.



Shooters (FPS & TPS)

The Inferno

It’s the classic. The Inferno has been a staple to our community and a staple to FPS games. It screams “plant the bomb already” and “come on man, what are you DOING”. When you get that perfect headshot it’s like you have just won the game (round). You can feel the victory in your bones, and you just want to take the world by storm. That’s how the Inferno feels.



Survival Games

The Horizon

The Horizon is a great frame for all who need flexibility in their life. Perfect for the survival game fanatics who have to adapt at a moment's notice so they don’t get killed by mutants, or zombies, or whatever is coming after you, while you're just trying to build a base but can’t because you are already dead. Sorry, I get emotional about these. The Horizon was made for those who want to be prepared.




The Augment

Simulation games require time, effort, and a little make believe to live out your full potential. You need a sturdy frame like the Augment to survive in the simulation game world. How else will you be able to keep your house, flipped? Your farm, simmed? Your wash, powered? The Augment is built for those long and detailed levels and sandboxing.



And remember, nobody offers our proprietary REZME® technology but Gamer Advantage, so if you want to improve your game, our lenses are a must have. Check out our collection, and match your favorite frame to your favorite game.